Our laboratory is one of the most important unit in our R&D studies that carried out in order to create a model that develops day by day. It assists the Feed Factory, Hatchery and Cage units in order to produce high quality products starting from larva production to on-growing fish.

We check the nutritients of the feed we produce for our hatchery and cage units and run the quality control analyses of the raw materials that are used in feed production in our laboratory.

We can list some of the analysis we run for high quality feed production as follows; Crude Protein, Crude Fat, Crude Ash, Crude Cellulose, Moisture, Fatty Acids Profile, Pepsin Digestibility, Free Fatty Acidity, Peroxide, Starch, Physical and Microbiological analyzes.

Analyses that are required for hatchery R&D studies on higher quality larvae production are carried out in our laboratory. We also monitor the nutritive value of live feed such as Algae, Rotifers and Artemias and quality of the eggs coming from the broodstock.

We always plan and run new R&D studies in order to find out what we could do to get better and higher quality results. We evaluate and compare the results of the new and different products under the light of of those studies’ and we always aim to develop the results in our work.

The evaluations of analyses which we run on fish meat from the cages help us to see how much Omega-3, EPA, DHA and Protein a person can get if eats one of our fish.