Sea Bream (Sparus aurata)

Family : Sparidae
Latince : Sparus aurata
Local Names : US&UK: Sea Bream, Dorada, Gilt Head Bream, Arabic: Ajâj, Aurata, N’tad, Denmark: Guldbrasen, Guldbraxen, Væbnerfisk, Egypt: Denis, Finland: Kultaotsa-ahven, French: Daurade, Daurade royale, Dorade, Dorade royal, Germany: Dorade, Dorade Royal, Goldbrasse, Meerbrasse, Greece: Tsipoura, Italy: Arata, Aurata, Aurate, Bannicella, Canina, Carina, Laurate, Oà, Orae de la corona, Netherlands: Goudbrasem, New Zealand: Snapper, Tamure, Poland: Dorada, Portugal: Dourada, Douradinha, Safata, Spanish: Chaparreta, Daurada, Dorada, Dourada, Zapata morisca, Sweden: Guldbrasse, Guldbraxen, Guldsparid, Turkey: Çipura

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With the years of R&D studies, we have selected the best broodstock and now we have the best quality for sea bream which we cultivate in an open sea area where the water quality is best in west mediterranean territory.

Marketed as
Frozen and fresh, whole
Frozen and fresh, cleaned inside
Frozen and fresh, fillets

For on-growers: Fry – 1.5 – 2 g.

Calibers – 200/300 300/400 400/600 600/800