Feed Technology

Our feed studies which started in 2016 as a joint project with Tübitak, today reached the capacity of 8.000 ton/year which meets the all needings of our hatchery and cage facilities.

In this way, we manage the ingredients and nutrients ourselves and we merge the quality from our cultivation methods with the high quality of feed and as the result we achieve the maximum quality for the end product.

With the micro pulverization method that used for the first time in Turkey, raw materials get milled to size under 100 microns and then according to the principles of maximum digestibility and efficiency, they are pelletized with extrusion technology.

We produce from 200 micron to 15 mm size of feed which is very rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids and other nutrients that support immunity system and we always aim at producing the best quality and the most efficient feed for our fish without sacrificing the principals of sustainability.